book courtship tag

Hey, all! Sorry for the lack of posts as of late; I’ve been on vacation for the last few days (and I will be for the next few as well), so I haven’t unfortunately had enough time to sit down and hash out a book review. I told myself I’d prep some before I left so I could just post while I was gone – but naturally, I didn’t. Alas: I did have a few book memes left in my draft folder and decided to do a few quick updates and post them!

Today, I’m posting The Book Courtship Tag, which I saw on someone else’s blog and thought was so cute! It compares books I’ve read and want to read to different “stages” in a traditional modern-day relationship. Apparently the original creator of this meme is unknown, but let me know if you know where this blog post originated – and most importantly, enjoy! 🙂

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