Book Traveling Thursdays // 5.25.17


Hi, all! This meme, Book Traveling Thursdays, was created by Catia (@The Girl Who Read Too Much) and Danielle (@Danielle’s Book Blog). This week’s challenge is: “Freebie week. Today you can choose whatever you want either it is a book you’ve been wanting to talk for a long time or one of the previous themes.” I’m not really creative enough to come up with my own prompt and I’ve been pretty lazy with the posting this month, so I decided to steal one of the earlier themes: “May 18th – Choose a book that has originally a red cover.”

The book that I decided to profile is actually a comic book of sorts that I was asked to evaluate for use in the University of Florida’s 2017 Common Reading Program. Although it wasn’t chosen, I think that this piece is incredible, especially because of the art and the visualization of what the narrator is trying to tell us. The story follows the author, Marjane’s, everyday life in Iran during the Islamic Revolution. Not only in the dialogue between characters, but in the images of violence and heartbreak and hope, Marjane is able to provide such an incredible and unique opportunity for the reader to truly visualize her life and struggles. It also provides an easier medium and more accessible story for those who are uncomfortable with heavy texts about politics and religion and history, especially in regards to the Middle East, and allows for them to join in on the conversation. Although it’s not Captain America, it truly was an enjoyable “comic book”, and I strongly recommend it.

Original cover


Additional cover

There is a sequel to the book that is included in The Complete Persepolis, the cover of which is shown below.

complete persepolis


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